Some Important Facts about Dog Beds

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Why do dogs need their own beds?

On an average, adult dogs stay asleep 14-16 hours a day. If your doggie spends that much time for sleeping, should you not let it do that in comfort? A waterproof dog bed of the perfect size and quality gives your canine friend a space of its own. By buying it its own bed, you can save your furniture from becoming a safe sanctuary for its sleep and security as well as reclaim your own zone on the bed that it loves to share with you.

Many older dogs or dogs with arthritis problem need a specially designed firm and cushiony bed that gives them some much-needed relief from aching joints.

Size and Type 

When buying dog beds, size and type are two important criteria to consider. First, you need to take a note of how your dog prefers to sleep. Some dogs curl themselves up in a ball when sleeping whereas some stretch out in both directions. The rests of them often divide their sleeping time between these two postures.

A dog that prefers a curled-up posture is most likely to prefer an oval or round-shaped bed that usually has lots of cushions. You will find different types of beds for these “smugglers”. A bolster bed helmed by cushions on its three sides provides more convenience and comfort to your doggie.

Cuddle or smuggle beds are also available for your pet. These beds look lot like a bean bag. They allow your canine companion to feel safe and comfortable while taking a nap. In fact, they love to nest such beds where they just don’t fall asleep but enjoy their sleep.

Some beds resemble a tent-like structure that allows your pet to burrow itself inside. These dog beds create a home-within-home ambience and dogs love them as they also need some private space of their own.

Measure your dog in its preferred posture of sleeping at the longest point and add 7 inches to both dimensions – length and width – of measurement. When buying, choose a bed that comes closer to the measured dimension.

Dog Beds to Match Your Décor

Dog owners usually have a fascination for the kinds of doggie beds that will finely go with their interior. You will be amazed to know that some dog beds resemble human beds. If crate is what gives your dog best comfort during sleeping, buy one that adds flamboyance to your interior space. Personalization is also allowed at some places and there are literary unlimited options to choose from.

There are many reasons why people love to buy their favourite pet Dog Accessories. They want to make sure that their pet is comfortable and happy, they want to help their pet stay healthy, and they want to give them an extra boost of confidence when they need it most.