Explore the basics of green parrots and make an informed decision

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Green parrot is one of the most dominant parrot species around the world at all times. This is because such parrot is frequently kept as pets. There are several things to consider like the feather pattern and size at any time you have spotted a green parrot. Some green parrot species have extra bright colors combined into their plumage. On the other hand, other parrots have some subtle markings. The green parrots are full of personality and intelligent. They need a committed caretaker.  As a beginner to the green parrots, you can get in touch with the reliable platform https://talkieparrot.com/info/green-parrots/ right now. You will make a good decision and choose one of the most popular green parrots.

Budgerigar and Male eclectus

Budgerigar is a popular green parrot. This pet parrot is not solid green in color. It is a combination of yellowing green properly interspersed with some black spotting and striping patterns. This pet parrot is very social and smart as expected by its caretakers.  If you like to buy and care for a small green parrot, then you can buy this parrot. This is because this bird is relatively small in size when compared to large parrots.

This pet bird needs the maximum physical and mental exercises. Male eclectus is sexually dimorphic and you can tell the sex of the bird by its plumage. It is available in large size, bright green in color, and prominent orange beak. Female eclectus are bright red in color. These birds are affectionate and sociable. However, they easily get stress when they neglected.

Indian Ringneck Parakeet and Green-cheeked Conure

Indian Ringneck Parakeet is known for its pastel green. It is not recommended for inexperienced bird owners as it goes through a bluffing phase during adolescent as hormonal aggression. It needs the maximum mental and physical stimulation to be happy.  Green-cheeked Conure is a small and spunky bird. It is known for its green plumage accented with blue, red, and gray colors. It tends to bond closely with its caretaker. It likes to play and socialize at all times. It is prone to feather picking when it gets bored or neglected. You must commit to several hours every day to interact with it before you adopt one. You can visit https://talkieparrot.com/info/green-parrots/ and take note of important details about green parrots right now.  You will clarify your doubts and enhance your approach to buy and care for the green parrot.