How Good Pet Care Keeps The Vet Away

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As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to look out for your pet whether it’s a cat, a bird, dog, guinea pig, or even a rabbit. As Dr. Ray Spragley recommends, good pet care means to avoid instances where cat euthanasia has to be used.  And good pet care may range from physical, mental, and emotional care because just like humans, our pets too have feelings.

However, no matter how much care we provide to our pets, some things are beyond your control like a fall or cuts. When such happens, you may end up searching for a holistic veterinarian near me, like Zen Dog Veterinary Care for immediate advanced care to your pet.

That said, here is how good pet care can help you keep your pet health and safe.

Physical hygiene

Pets need physical hygiene which includes baths, trimming their fur, cutting their nails, and cleaning their paws. You may want to have one of those ‘pet’s day out’ marked in your calendar. Do thorough pet inspection and hygiene and even visit a vet to ensure that your pet is in good health condition. Physicals hygiene may also include cleaning all of your pet’s toys, dishes, beds and mats, and even kennels if they have one. Also ensure that pets have a clean environment at all times.

Dental care

Like humans, we are advised to visit the dentist at least once every 6 months, this timeline may not apply for our pets. However, they also need dental care. Such dental care requires the precision of a certified veterinarian. Again having a regular dental routine for your pet will help prevent issues that come with poor dental hygiene such as gum disease.

Fur care

Pets, more so dogs are often prone to have fleas. When this happens your pets life will be impacted negatively due to itchiness. This can make your pet to be restless and uncomfortable and may even lead to skin rashes. For this reason, conducting a regular inspection of your pet’s coat is recommended. When doing so, look out for fleas and have measures in place to eradicate them. A happy and comfortable pet is a happy pet owner.

Dietary care

Once in a while, you may find yourself feeding your pet some human food, which may be harmless. However, human food should not be the main content in your pet’s daily diet. Get your pet the right food for them. And if you’re not sure, talk to a vet for some recommendations.

Aside from dietary care, it is advisable that you include an exercise routine for your pet for example taking regular walks. During the walk, you help your pets’ exercise, interact with nature and other pets as well. Moreover, it is a chance for you to train your pet on good behavior. These walks also help you create that bond with your pet.

Suppose you are a first-time pet owner, consider talking to a vet for advice on how to care for your pet. Even then,  be sure to bathe your pet regularly, take them for vet care, feed them properly, and grow your bond with them during exercise routines.