Pumpkin Pet Insurance Vs. Healthy Paws

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Pet treatments and medical expenses can be tough on your finances. Imagine your beloved pet gets injured or develops a problem, but you can’t pay for it. Sounds devastating! Right? Getting pet insurance for your furry and cute friends is a safety precaution that ensures their health. You can relax without stressing about your pet’s treatment expenses if anything terrible happens.

Pet insurance companies calculate a small amount of money as per their policy, which you have to pay. The remaining expenses are paid by pet insurance. Now you can focus on your pet’s health with full concentration without worrying about the fees. However, choosing the right company for pet insurance can be a hassle. Not every pet insurance service covers all expenses. Some insurance companies have strict policies and can be of little assistance.

Why Do You Need Pet Insurance?

If you’re skeptical about getting insurance for your pets, here are some reasons that might motivate you:

It Helps You Save Money

With the help of pet insurance, you can save your emergency fund for some other time. You can utilize your saving for traveling and other purposes. Treatments and vet vets bills can be a massive burden on the pocket. Having insurance reduces this burden and allows you to stay tension free. Health insurance covers the bills for various medical treatments, including severe injuries, surgeries, cancer, stomach issues, diabetes, and other diseases. Save thousands of dollars with a simple pet insurance plan.

It Prioritizes Your Pet’s Health

Many pets suffer from serious health issues, diseases, and congenital conditions during their lifetime. Though many pet insurance providers have age limits that require you to pay an extra fee, yet the primary aim of getting insurance is to prioritize your furry friend’s health. Covering the bills for all these problems can affect your finances severely. Having a good insurance plan ensures that your pet doesn’t suffer because you couldn’t pay for the treatment.

You Can Find Missing Pets

Losing a pet can be heart-wrenching. People with lost pets go through a traumatic experience. Save yourself from this problem by getting pet insurance. Many insurance providers help you if your pet is lost or stolen. They cover the cost of advertising for your missing fur baby. Pet insurance also takes responsibility for placing a reward over returning the lost or stolen pet. Many pet trackers are also available to track your pet’s location if he goes missing or is stolen.

It Can Cover Third-Party Liabilities

If you have a hyperactive pet who doesn’t mind ruining other people’s gardens and fences, he might have gotten you into trouble several times. Does your kitty go aggressive when she meets new people? If so, pet insurance can help. Many pet insurance policies pay for third party liabilities saving you money. You can get treatment for pet behavioral problems without worrying about paying for property damage.

Pumpkin Pet Insurance Vs. Healthy Paws

Now that you know why pet insurance comes in handy, it’s time to select the best pet insurance. Pumpkin and Healthy paws pet insurance are among the top and most preferred pet insurance providers. However, the pumpkin and healthy paws reviews differ slightly.

Coverage and Limits

One of the best features of Healthy Paws appreciated a lot in the Healthy Haws reviews, is that they offer unlimited coverage. This feature makes Healthy Paws stand out. However, Pumpkin insurance has an annual limit, which proves to work for 99% and above customers.

Preventive care

Healthy Paws doesn’t offer to cover the cost of your pet’s preventive care. At Pumpkin, preventing illnesses and detecting diseases is as important as paying for their treatment. Insurance providers at Pumpkin offer insured pet parents an optional set of benefits. These benefits fully cover all the expenses for the care of your beloved pet needs.


At Healthy Paws, your pet must get a complete examination before six years of age and at least twelve months before or fifteen days after their policy date becomes active. If your pet is over six years old, the exam should be done at least a month before or two weeks after their policy starts being active. They also require a complete history of your pet’s medical conditions. According to Healthy Paws reviews, providing medical history can sometimes be a problem, but the company doesn’t cover the bills in this case. A clinical exam is not needed to get expense coverage according to Pumpkin policy.

Age Limit

Healthy Paws only covers the expenses for hip dysplasia treatment in dogs six years old or younger at the time of enrollment. Also, there is a waiting period of 365 days. If symptoms develop during this duration, the condition is considered pre-existing, and your pet does not get the coverage for the treatment. There is no age limit for hip dysplasia at Pumpkin.


Pet care can be expensive, especially if you have more than one furry creature in your home. Pumpkin offers a 10% discount for your fur family if you enroll more than one pet. Healthy Paws doesn’t provide any discounts for extra pets.

Pet insurance is the only way to ensure the healthy future of your favorite pup or kitty. If you haven’t registered for any health insurance providers yet, don’t wait anymore! Get your beloved pet insured right away!