How to prevent anxiety in dogs

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It can be quite hard predicting what is going to make your dog anxious and even harder to determine if the anxiety of the dog will develop into a more severe disorder. At

Suzie’s CBD Treats,  there are various ways that you will learn to help your puppy or dog to avoid problems that are related to anxiety:

Body language

One of the things that you should do is learn the body language of your dog. When you know that your dog is scared or uncomfortable, it might help you in avoiding any negative experiences or using them as moments to positively train the dog. The body language can as well let you know when the dog is about to be anxious, which is useful especially if your dog happens to have a history of anxiety that is related to aggression.


Good socialization might help you prevent the development of dog anxiety. Try to introduce your dog to new dogs, people, places, animals, and experiences could help to avoid a response that is quite exaggerated along the way, and at the same time, help the dog become a canine citizen that can adjust easily.


To train in the line of obedience is an important tool to manage and prevent anxiety in dogs. It is what lays the foundation of a relationship that is healthy and establishes trust. A well-trained dog tends to be easier to manage and socialize as compared to one which doesn’t have training in that area, and the classes for obedience are a great place for dogs to meet with several others in an environment that is controlled.

Nutrition and exercise

Doing regular stimulation and exercise is important for the development of the dog, mental and physical well-being. A dog that is stimulated is less likely to start to pick destructive behaviors, and it is important for the dog also to have good nutrition for its health. Ensure that you take great care of the mental and physical needs of your dog as it will help you in preventing any behavior problems which might not be stemming from anxiety, allowing you to know the areas where you need to help your dog.


Just like humans, several dogs do experience anxiety at a given point in their lives. Although it is not all dogs that will suffer from anxiety that leads to an anxiety disorder, it is necessary to know the symptoms, causes, and treatment options that are involved in dog anxiety.