Tips to Make Your Dog More Comfortable With a Bath

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Bath time is an essential part of a dog’s life, especially when it’s active outdoors. However, you have to train your dog to take a bath because some just don’t like getting in water. Here are some tips to help your dog feel more comfortable with a bath.

Walk Them Before Bath Time

Before you get your little one in a dog tub, go outside and give them a good walk. Dogs enjoy the fresh air, and you can keep them occupied for a while. Also, it’s a good way for them to work up a sweat and exhaust themselves.

When they come back, they’ll want to be near water to cool off. It’s a better way to get them to take a bath and relax.

Also, they’ll be less prone to fight back or run away from the tub because they’re too tired to move.

Be More Hands-On

Sometimes your dog doesn’t like baths because of the physical contact. Try grooming your dog outside of the bathtub and touch its paws and ears. They’ll be more comfortable when they get in the bathtub, and you have to clean some of the more sensitive areas of your furry friend.

Also, you can get your dog more comfortable with water. Maybe you can wash up your dog for a few minutes once a week outside of bath time. Your four-legged friend will get used to having water on him.

Have the Water at the Right Temperature

A dog’s body temperature heats up quickly. You don’t want to put it in water too hot that it starts to pant from getting dehydrated. Keep it at a warm temperature that feels more pleasant.

It’s a good idea to try different temperatures because each dog is unique. Some dogs prefer cooler or warmer water. If you can, get a shower head with a temperature display to get a reading when washing your dog.

Get a Bathing Mat

Some dogs find tubs to be slippery, and it’ll make them prone to accidents. Find a pet container mat with a non-slip feature. It’ll be safer for your dog to relax on it while you clean him.

Also, it makes it easier for you because he’s not sliding all over the place. Not to mention, you won’t get fur and debris everywhere. You can wash the mat with a hose outside.

Start early to help your pup grow to be a dog that enjoys baths.