Would you ever own a bearded dragon?

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Beardies, as they are sometimes called, provide the best of both exotic and mainstream pet worlds. Not sure if you would ever own a bearded dragon? After you see the 3 best reasons why bearded dragons make great pets, you’ll definitely want to.

Easy to Accommodate

Bearded dragons are considered to be medium-sized lizards. They tend to have an average length of 12 to 24 inches from nose to tail and can be comfortably housed in a 55-gallon tank. Even the tiniest of studio apartments can fit one of these tanks without issue. While the exact dimensions may vary based on the manufacturer, a tank of this size is slightly wider than a foot, and only four feet long.  When it comes to creating the ideal climate for your scaly friend, it’s very simple. Unlike reptiles that hail from the tropics, bearded dragons originate from the deserts of Australia and like their environment warm and dry. This makes cleanup significantly easier.

Inexpensive to Feed

If the thought of feeding a dead mouse to your pet makes you squirm, you’re in luck. Bearded dragons are omnivores, they’ll eat all sorts of greens and vegetables, along with bugs and even flowers. This makes them wonderfully easy to feed and they can usually be fed from your own fridge. You can easily supplement their diet with bugs like crickets or worms from pet stores for a few bucks per container. And since beardies are very disciplined when it comes to their portions, each container is sure to last you a long while. Full-grown bearded dragons only need to eat about once per day, while the younger ones need to be fed slightly more often.

Fun to Have Around

These spikey creatures are one of the most affectionate reptiles around. They are known to fall asleep cuddled in the arms and on the chests of their owners. Part of this is due to them being intelligent creatures that can recognize their owners but overall, they tend to just have a pleasant and friendly disposition. They also enjoy being handled and interacting with people and can even be taken on walks.

Finding Bearded Dragons For Sale

If you’ve never owned a reptile before, the idea can initially seem a bit daunting – especially when the word “dragon” is involved. But despite their fearsome name, bearded dragons are wonderful and compact pets that are quite easy to care for. These surprisingly affectionate creatures are intelligent, gentle, and full of personality. Find a bearded dragon for sale at your local pet store or at specialty reptile sellers online.

This article will help you to choose the best bearded dragon enclosures. We review some of our favorites here so that you can make an informed choice when buying your next enclosure!