The Top 3 Poodle Insurance Plans in 2022

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Making one right decision is way better than being sorry later on. Being a Poodle parent, you must give your pet a healthy life. This dog breed has an amusing personality with attractive traits such as hypoallergenic, non-shedding, and highly intelligent. If you are not concerned about the medical care of Poodles, you do not deserve this  stunning breed.

Choosing the right pet insurance plan can take the hassle out of worrying about hefty medical bills. On average,  $250 to $1,000 is spent on the veterinary care of dogs. Prices may get higher if a certain breed is having a handful of genetic health issues.

Is Poodle Insurance Worth It?

A purebred is more susceptible to genetic illnesses than a mixed breed. So Poodles are likely to catch an array of genetic diseases. In such cases, only the best insurance plan is a way out.

Unexpected accidents do happen irrespective of the breed. Won’t an unexpected $5,000 medical bill give you goosebumps? If Yes, then shift the financial burden of your Poodle to the pet insurance company.

Which Insurance Plan is a Perfect Fit for Poodles?

Once you realize the fact that your Poodle, either puppy or an adult, requires an insurance plan to ensure a healthy future for them, you may come across overwhelming options for pet insurance.

Keep in mind that doing your best for your Poodle must not be constrained by the cost. An incomplete or inappropriate insurance plan will put you in a hassle, instead of helping you out.

The same insurance company offers different prices to the pet parents as the premium depends on your dog’s breed, the area where you live, the age of your dog, and the type of coverage you opt for.

Picking the right insurance plan and the provider is a critical step. So you must ensure that the chosen plan should cover all needs of your Poodle.

Below we have listed three top insurance plans a Poodle parent must consider before purchasing a premium;

1.     A Plan That Covers Hereditary Conditions

As we have already mentioned, the Poodle is a purebred, so hereditary diseases are inevitable. Research different insurance providers and choose only those companies that cover breed-specific health conditions as well. This is the best Poodle insurance plan.

Mostly, three options are available when you look for coverage; Accident only coverage, Accident plus disease coverage, and accident, disease, and wellness coverage.

Prices increase as you expand the coverage, so choose your plan according to your budget. If money is not a problem, then overall coverage would be the best fit for Poodles because they have a multitude of health risks that can upset your wallet.

Most common Poodle specific genetic conditions are;

Common Diseases Average Treatment Cost
Corneal Dystrophy $300 to $3,000
Cushing’s Disease $500 to $200
Entropion $300 to $1,500
Epilepsy $200 to $15,000
Hip Dysplasia $6,000
Addison’s Disease $2,400 per year
Luxating Patella $1,500 to $3,000
Stomach Bloat $7,500 per occurrence
Progressive Retinal Atrophy $3,000 per eye

We have mentioned a few common health implications of Poodles but the list is long enough to surprise you. These out-of-pocket expenditures will put you in hot waters if you do not buy umbrella coverage that covers breed-specific illnesses.

Best Pet Insurance Company

The best pet insurance covers both hereditary and congenital diseases. A worth mentioning insurance company with an all-encompassing coverage is Embrace.

Patella luxation, tracheal collapse, Leggs-Calve-Perthes disease, and eye and dental diseases that are specific to this breed are included in this company’s coverage. They even consider curable pre-existing conditions that are excluded by other insurance companies.

2.     Annual Payment Plan

If your wallet agrees to the annual payment option, then you must go for it. Poodles are high-maintenance dogs, so they need a lot of care and attention.

One moment of negligence can eat up your whole budget. So the Poodles are more likely to visit vets than many other breeds.

According to American Pet Products Association1 in 3 dogs needs emergency vet treatment in America every year.

Paying only one time in a year will cover you throughout the year regardless of the purpose or frequency of the vet visit.

Another advantage of this annual plan is that many companies offer a discount if you agree to pay the annual amount. Monthly payments, on the other side, impose a “transaction fee” which costs you more than the annual payment.

3.     A plan Without Restrictions

While considering a Poodle insurance plan, you must look for exclusions and restrictions that a specific plan entails. If a policy excludes Addison’s disease which is the most common Poodle disease, then obviously that coverage is not for you.

We are not familiar with any pet insurer that excludes main illnesses specific to Poodles but you must research beforehand to know whether the selected insurer covers all mainstream illnesses or not.

Mostly, bilateral conditions such as Patella Luxation are excluded by insurers. In the case of Poodles, this condition must not be restricted by the policy you have chosen for your Poodle.

Trupanion is a pet insurance company that does not exclude bilateral conditions and offers enrollment from birth.

Exclusions are mentioned in the company’s policy document, so read the document carefully before signing the contract. If you spot any of the above-mentioned illnesses in the restriction domain, then do not opt for that policy.

Poodles come in three different sizes; toy, miniature, and standard. Coverage that is the best for toy Poodles may not be favorable for a standard Poodle. So choose according to your breed size.

Similarly, some pet insurance companies have a specific age limit for pets, so retrieve all relevant information related to the specific insurance company beforehand to avoid any hassle.

Although some companies have no age limit or restrictions. One such company is PetsBest. It offers thorough coverage and the lowest prices without any restrictions or age limits.

Final Thoughts!

Poodles are a remarkable breed with overloading cuteness and never-ending entertainment. If you bring this fur baby home, you must ensure it’s healthy and happy future.

Some people might consider pet insurance a waste of money, but this investment is worth it. It gives you peace of mind and saves your pocket from unexpected vet bills.

Try to know your Poodle’s needs and choose a plan that can cover all the requirements of your pooch. Do not pick an inappropriate insurance plan to save just a few dollars.

You are just one wrong decision away from hurting your beloved Poodle.

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